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Wayland Cares Review Committee
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At its meeting on Monday, May 6, 2013, the Board of Selectmen voted to establish a temporary advisory committee to be known as the Wayland Cares Review Committee to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen with regard to the community’s substance abuse prevention program known as Wayland Cares.

The committee shall be comprised of five (5) members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen, with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in substance abuse prevention; social work; strategic planning; business and non-profit or governmental organization development.  The purpose of the committee shall be to review the accomplishments of the Wayland Cares coalition and its value to the Town.  The committee shall also be tasked with making recommendations as to whether to continue the work of the coalition should continue, by what organizational structure, and by what sources of funding.

In completing its tasks by November 13, 2013, the temporary advisory committee shall enlist the input of the Finance Committee, Personnel Board, School Committee, Board of Health, Police Chief, Youth Advisory Committee and any other interested Town departments or committees.  The following questions should be addressed by the committee, but it is in no way limited to these points in completing its charge:

1.  What services are provided by or coordinated through Wayland Cares?  How are services currently delivered and coordinated between and among interested, participating committees, departments and agencies?  Could any of these services be provided by unpaid volunteers?

2.  What measures have been taken to assess the success of the prevention services offered by or coordinated through Wayland Cares?  How does one assess the validity of survey data showing reductions in marijuana use among targeted populations?

3.    What services would be provided, regardless of the existence of Wayland Cares? 

4.    The coalition has applied for another five-year Federal grant.  What items proposed for funding in FY2014 would be provided with grant funds and what items would be the responsibility of local taxpayers?  If Federal funds are not forthcoming, should the program be funded with local taxes?  What other funding sources might be available to supplant local taxes?  Given our participation in regional adolescent health surveys, why not apply for the Federal grant on a regional basis? 

5.    Assuming the program provides positive results, how should this program be structured in the future?  Individual town department?  Within an existing town department?  Within the schools?  Given our participation in regional adolescent health surveys, why consider providing service delivery on a regional basis, with or without grants as a funding source?

6.    What are the positive and negative consequences of assigning the work to a specific town department?  If headquartered within the School Department, what are the consequences for providing services to the broader community?  What will be the public reaction to the limited ability to approve appropriations?  If a separate structure is desired to assure equitable treatment of all participating departments and agencies, to whom should employees report?  How will the program operate? 

7.    How will be program be evaluated?  What are the program goals and how will results be measured?

8.    The work of the program involves confidential student records and other sensitive or protected material.  How is this information safeguarded with law?

9.    Wayland Cares advocates bolstered the argument for a separate agency because of a strategic goal to address other behavioral health issues identified in the Wayland community.  How will the expansion of scope and services be managed?  

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