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Dog Control Appeals Board
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Jeffrey S. Baron
Susan Koffman
Susan L. Wagner
Arthur Fine
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A. Composition of the Appeals Board. The Dog Control Appeals Board is comprised of three Wayland residents, none of whom can be employees of the Town, appointed to three-year overlapping terms by the Board of Selectmen. The Appeals Board will annually select a member to serve as the chair. The Board of Selectmen will also appoint an associate member, who cannot be an employee of the Town, to a three-year term. The associate member shall attend Appeals Board hearings but may vote only when a regular member is unavailable due to absence or conflicts of interest. Two of the four members must be dog owners.

B. Right to appeal. When the Dog Control Officer has investigated a complaint regarding a dog's behavior and has issued a finding or an order of temporary restraint with which either the dog's keeper or the complainant disagrees, then either party may appeal by sending a written request to the Town Clerk within 10 business days after issuance of the DCO's decision. Following the Clerk's receipt of a written appeal, the Appeals Board shall hold a public hearing on the appeal within 10 business days, at which the dog owner, the complainant, and the DCO must appear.

C. Findings and further appeals. The Appeals Board shall vote at the public hearing on whether to uphold, reverse, or modify the DCO's decision and shall mail its ruling to the dog owner, complainant, and DCO within three business days after the public hearing. Should the dog owner or complainant disagree with the Appeals Board's ruling, then either party may appeal to the Board of Selectmen within 10 business days. The Board of Selectmen shall issue its ruling within 30 days thereafter.

D. Hearings on kennel petitions or vicious dogs. The Appeals Board shall hold public hearings and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen on any petition filed under § 91-2B(6) and any vicious dog declaration under §91-6B.

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