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Frequently Asked Questions
Q. What determines a patient’s hospital destination?

A. Hospital destination is sometimes chosen by the patient because they have been there before and or it’s the closest in relation to where they live. Other times hospital destination is dictated by what is the most appropriate facility to handle the medical emergency presented by the patent being treated.

Q. Why do we conduct quarterly fire drills in the schools.

A. Practice makes perfect. In all school classrooms there is an emergency escape plan posted that shows two ways out of the building from that classroom. Four times a year, it’s required that the teachers and students practice that escape plan so they know exactly what to do if the fire alarm were to go off in a real emergency. It also gives the teachers a chance to practice emergency procedures important to keeping kids safe and accounted for during the entirety of an emergency.

Q. Why do we conduct building inspections?

A. Four times a year, certain business, buildings, churches, town facilities and all schools are inspected by the fire department to make sure all fire codes are followed for the safety of the occupants, and help to prevent any accidental fires caused by unsafe practices and/or conditions. Inspections also help firefighters familiarize themselves with building layouts and key locations within them if called for an emergency.

Q. What does a firefighter do all day?

A. A firefighter’s shift starts out with morning chores consisting of checking all of the rescue equipment, vehicles and medical equipment to make sure everything is in perfect working order and that nothing is missing. After, the station is then cleaned top to bottom as part of the morning chores.

Daily training sessions are typically scheduled for everyone to participate in ranging from EMS continuing education to training with rescue equipment. Practical hands on training is conducted so everyone’s skills are kept up for any emergency and the operation of specialized equipment.

Throughout the day, inspections of all different kinds are scheduled in between training and the many different kinds of emergency calls we get day or night, 24 hours a day. These calls range from fire calls, motor vehicle accidents and medical emergencies, to service calls, investigations and anything else that may come in.

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