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Council on Aging/Community Center Advisory Committee
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Mark H. Foreman
Member at Large
Carol Glick
Member at Large
P. Jean Milburn
Member at Large
Member at Large
Member at Large
Frank Krasin
Recreation Commission
William Sterling
Council on Aging
Nan Balmer, Town Administrator
Ex Officio
Ben Keefe, Public Buildings Director
Ex Officio
Julie Secord, Council on Aging Director
Ex Officio
Jessica Brodie, Recreation Director
Ex Officio

Mission:  Commitment to provide improved-quality, functional, and dedicated space for our CoA programs, offices and activity rooms, and, through coordinated scheduling by the CoA, use this activity space to provide additional meeting/function space for Recreation Department programs and community events for the public in general.  The CoA is the arm of our town government that assures that the Town complies with regulations relating to Elders, including; the Older Americans Act of 1965 and the Elder Justice Act of 2010, among others

The Council on Aging/Community Center (CoA/CC) Advisory Committee was formed to meet these goals.

Background: The Board of Selectmen (BoS) first established the CoA/CC in November 2014. The charge has been updated and revised following the completion of each stage of the project using feedback from Town Meeting.  

The first Phase of the charge to the committee was to provide a recommendation to the BoS about acquiring the municipal parcel, the need for a CoA/CC and to bring/prepare the Articles for 2015 ATM.  The second Phase, evaluation of the need for a second structure, was completed.

ATM 2015 Article 25 Acquire Municipal Parcel                                Failed; vote 148-80
           [required 2/3 quantum of vote to pass]

ATM 2015 Article 26 Fund Due Diligence and Feasibility Design   Passed; vote 268-140

The second charge in May 2015 requested that the committee continue its work. The Committee’s work included: conducting a review of site conditions including environmental site assessments, identifying permitting needs, confirming program requirements, and creating conceptual and schematic designs for a facility on the proposed municipal pad at Town Center.  

Based on its work, the Committee recommended an Article to the BoS for STM November 2015 vote to acquire the municipal parcel.  

STM Nov 2015 Article 3 Acquire Municipal Parcel                 Passed; vote 395-163

The Committee continued its work to complete the request of ATM 2015 Article 26 to continue program development and to prepare for an ATM 2016 funding request for design, construction and bidding documents.

ATM 2016 Article 21 Appropriate Funds Thru Bidding              Failed; vote 165-115
           [required 2/3 quantum of vote to pass]

Upon completing the additional due diligence environmental work required by 2015 ATM, the Board of Selectmen shall complete its work to obtain control of the municipal parcel (1.72 acres).  

The updated charge: As items remain to be completed from the May 2015 charge, the CoA/CC Committee should continue its advisory work to the Board of Selectmen including but not limited to the following:
  • Project phasing:  consider only the first phase of the project (approximately 10,250 SF), consisting of renovations and Code compliance upgrades to the existing building with only minor additions such as enclosed vestibules.
  • Kang Associates to update the last report:  compile updated program, outline specifications, engineering system narratives and identify approximate cost of construction.
  • Conservation:  continue to work with the Conservation Commission to understand the environmental requirements/limitations on the proposed 1.72 acre municipal parcel; initiating re-flagging the river and wetlands boundaries
  • Website management:  make the CoA/CC documents on the town web site more easily accessible through better organization and labeling
  • Make recommendation to the Board of Selectmen on timing and content of 2018 Annual Town Meeting Article
  • Prepare project for transition to PMBC; recommendation on hiring an OPM
Expenditure of Town Meeting approved funds to be approved by the Town Administrator prior to the expense being incurred.

All environmental contracts and work will be managed through the Public Buildings Director.

The Committee is to be comprised of seven (7) voting members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen, one each from the Council on Aging and the Recreation Commission (member or designee), and five residents of the Town. Some of the appointments will be based on professional, volunteer or vocational expertise with preference given to citizens possessing experience in any one of the following areas:  conservation requirements, environmental regulations, community centers, building/construction, project management, construction law, building design and construction. Appointments should reflect various town demographics from seniors to parents with young children. The Town Administrator, Council on Aging Director, Recreation Director, and Public Buildings Director will serve as ex-officio non-voting members of the Committee.

After fulfillment of this charge, the Committee will provide a final report to the Board of Selectmen, which summarizes the Committee’s work and outcomes, after which the Committee will be disbanded, or its charge will be revised.

Adopted 11/20/2017

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