Motor Vehicle Excise Abatement


Excise abatements are warranted when a vehicle is sold, traded, declared a total loss, donated, or has been registered in another state. The application is in the "Forms and Applications" link on the left of the office's home page.  You can email completed applications with accompanying documentation as detailed below to

General information required for an abatement, in addition to the application, is based on “what happened to the car” and “what happened to the plate.”  Documents addressing both questions must be submitted to the Assessors’ Office for an abatement application to be considered.



Documentation Required: Plate return receipt and copy of Bill of Sale/purchase agreement



Documentation Required:  New vehicle’s registration and copy of Bill of Sale/purchase agreement


Transaction:  TRADED VEHICLE

Documentation Required:  Plate return receipt or new vehicle’s registration, and Purchase Agreement for new vehicle showing trade-in



Documentation Required:  Plate return receipt and copy of new out-of-state registration


Transaction:  DONATED

Documentation Required:  Plate return receipt or new vehicle’s registration, and receipt from charity


Transaction:  JUNKED

Documentation Required:  Plate return receipt or new vehicle’s registration, and receipt from junk yard


Transaction:  TOTAL LOSS

Documentation Required:  Plate return receipt or new vehicle’s registration, and statement letter from insurance company

  NOTE: Supporting documentation (Bill of Sale, donation receipt, insurance settlement letter, etc.) must include the make, model, year, VIN, and ownership information to be accepted.

Other information:

If you have cancelled the plates but have retained ownership of the vehicle, you are not entitled to an excise abatement. However, you will not receive a new bill the following year.

Once an excise tax bill is past due with interest charges, we are unable to process an excise tax abatement until the bill is paid in full to the Treasurer/Collector’s office.

Excise bills stand on their own. Refunds cannot be transferred to a new bill, for example. 

Leased vehicles are owned by the leasing company.  Requests for excise abatements must be made by the leasing company and will be mailed to the leasing company. 

Address changes and garage codes are processed through the Registry of Motor Vehicles.  

If you think your vehicle’s value is incorrect, please contact the Registry of Motor Vehicles at (857)-368-8080. The assessors cannot change the value of a vehicle. If the RMV changes the value, a document stating the change will be submitted by the RMV to the Assessors’ Office and an abatement can be processed after an application has been filed with the office.


You can obtain a copy of your plate cancelation receipt online at  


From the time a completed application is received, it typically takes about 4 weeks for abatement checks to be mailed from the Wayland Treasurer/Collector’s office. Questions regarding payments and/or abatement checks should be directed to that office at 508-358-7633.