COA/CC Advisory Committee

Council On Aging/Community Center (COA/CC)

About Us:

The Council on Aging/Community Center (CoA/CC) Advisory Committee was established by the Board of Selectmen (BoS) on May 11, 2015 for the purpose of completing the work authorized at the April 2015 Annual Town Meeting under Article 26.

The Committee’s work includes: Conducting a review of site conditions including environmental site assessments; identifying permitting needs; confirming program requirements; and creating conceptual and schematic designs for a facility on the proposed municipal pad at Town Center.

Board Members

Name Title
Mark H. Foreman Member-at-Large
Carol Glick Member-at-Large
Frank Krasin Recreation Commission
Wendy Levine Member-at-Large
Jean Milburn Member-at-Large
Pamela Roman Member-at-Large
William A. Sterling Council on Aging
Louise Miller Ex-Officio
Kenneth "Ben" Keefe Ex-Officio
Julie Secord Ex-Officio
Katherine Brenna Ex-Officio