How do I apply to conduct activity in or near a wetland or floodplain?

There are three kinds of applications under these regulations. The size and scope of your project will determine what application process should be submitted to the Conservation Commission. Contact the Conservation Administrator if you are not sure which is appropriate. The Commission will set a time for a public hearing/meeting on your project and will advertise the hearing/meeting in the local newspaper at your expense. Once the public hearing/meeting is closed, the Commission must issue a decision.

  1. A Request for Determination of Applicability should be filed if you are unsure if your project area falls within the jurisdiction of the Conservation Commission, or if it will have any impact on a resource area.
  2. An Abbreviated Notice of Resource Area Delineation can be filed to confirm the boundaries of a resource area.
  3. A Notice of Intent should be filed if it is clear that your project will impact a resource area.

The Conservation Administrator can explain the laws that regulate wetlands more completely to you and their effect on the particular project you have in mind. Regulations issued under both the Act and the Bylaw should be consulted, as they contain specific standards that you should incorporate into your project design. If you know that your project is regulated and that the size and scope of the project will require professional services you may go directly to a wetland consultant to assist you.