Mainstone Farm

Mainstone Farm Map

Mainstone Farm parking lot (off Rice Road) and trails are now open

About Mainstone Farm:

Mainstone Farm is the largest remaining piece of undeveloped open space in Wayland and one of the few of its size in the region. On April 12, 2017, the Hamlen Family sold a perpetual Conservation Restriction to the Town and SVT for $15 million. Wayland voters committed $12 million towards acquisition from Community Preservation funds and SVT raised $3 million. Under the CR, which is jointly held by the Town and SVT, the current and future owners will be permitted to farm and conduct woodland management activities, and they will continue to pay property taxes. Trails, connecting to adjacent conservation land, are open for passive, public recreation. The CR is a legal document that protects Mainstone's scenic landscape and ecological values while allowing for active agriculture and public access to designated trails.  

Additional Information:

Please use this link to access a copy of the Conservation Restriction (CR) for Mainstone Farm; this link can access the 10-acre CR for Mainstone Farm.  The terms of this CR were negotiated between the Grantors (representatives of the Hamlen Family and their legal counsel) and the Grantees (the Town of Wayland Conservation Commission and Sudbury Valley Trustees and their respective counsels).  Every effort was made to balance the conservation, recreation, and scenic values of the property with a desire to see Mainstone Farm continue as a working farm.

A vote to appropriate funds to purchase the CR was successful at Annual Town Meeting, this was submitted to the state Division of Conservation Services (a division of the Executive Office of Energy and Environmental Affairs) for review and approved.  The Board of Selectmen, the Conservation Commission and SVT's Board of Directors further approved the purchase and signed the CR.