CodeRED: Emergency Alert Registration

CodeRED logo

The Town of Wayland encourages residents, employees and businesses to sign up for CodeRED, the Town’s new emergency alert system. This system replaces Swift-911, the Town's previous alert system. Residents who registered with Swift-911 have been automatically transferred to the CodeRED system. 

The CodeRed Emergency Alert System is a free community notification system available in Wayland that sends alerts concerning time-sensitive and emergency information that may impact the area.

Emergency alert notifications may include missing children or missing persons, criminal activity, fires, drinking water contamination, utility outages, various threats to people or the environment and other incidents as deemed necessary by Town public safety officials. Those enrolled also may receive timely non-emergency alerts, including road closures, snow plow schedules and more.

The alerts are sent to residents via phone call, text message, email and social media. 

“This technology is extremely advanced and provides us enhanced flexibility to issue important general or emergency messages from any location,” said Acting Police Chief Ed Burman. “We can launch alerts from anywhere at any time, and residents impacted by time-sensitive events will receive them directly to their smartphones. This all happens within minutes, which can make a huge difference in saving lives.”

All community members are invited to register for the CodeRED notification system to receive important alerts and updates. To sign up for these informative, lifesaving alerts, please click here. Registration is customizable, allowing users to choose which alerts they’d like to receive, as well as preferred ways like text, email, cellphone, landline and more.

Community members are encouraged to download the CodeRED Mobile Alert app available in the App Store or Google Play after they sign up to receive alerts.