Electronic Voting Implementation Subcommittee


This subcommittee is formed to further the implementation of electronic voting at the Wayland Annual and Special Town Meetings.  The Committee will report to the Moderator and work closely with the Town Administrator, the Town Purchasing Agent.  The Committee will have two areas of responsibility:

  1. Support the selection of a provider of an electronic voting service for Wayland Town Meeting by:
    1. Preparing electronic voting system requirements and specifications for inclusion in a request for proposal to be issued by the Town Administrator;
    2. Identifying potential bidders and soliciting proposals;
    3. Interviewing bidders and analyzing submitted proposals;
    4. Providing a recommendation.
  2. Oversee the implementation and deployment of Electronic voting at the April 2012 Town Meeting.

The Committee will consist of 5 — 7 members from among residents of the Town.  The Moderator and Town Administrator will serve ex-officio but shall not be counted as members.

Board Members

Name Title
David Bernstein Chair
Alan J. Reiss Member
Don Schuler Member
Jon Sieber Member
Larry Krakauer Member
Lynne A. Dunbrack Member
Anna M. Ludwig Member, Town Clerk
Dennis J. Berry Ex Officio