Emergency Medical Services

About Us:

All Wayland Fire Department emergency medical services should be accessed by using the statewide emergency number 9-1-1.  In addition to more traditional services, the Wayland Fire Department provides first aid, rescue services, invalid assistance, and emergency ambulance transportation to area hospitals, twenty-four hours per day.  "Emergency" as defined in state regulations means a condition or situation in which an individual has a need for immediate medical attention, or where the potential for such need is perceived by the individual, a bystander, or an emergency medical services provider.

The Wayland Fire Department ambulance service is licensed at the advanced life support (ALS) level by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and operates in full compliance with state regulations.  All full-time fire department personnel are certified at the Emergency Medical Technician level or as Paramedics (ALS).  Evaluation of the patient starts when the call for help is received.

If you have questions concerning any emergency medical services, please email Wayland Fire Chief Neil McPherson or phone at (508) 358-6914.