Purchase Maps

Media Pricing

Payment Options

The Town of Wayland Survey Department only accepts cash, check, or money orders for purchases.  Please make checks payable to: "Town of Wayland".  Please note that prices are subject to change.  Photocopies are not available in color.

Media for Purchase

Black & White Photocopies (By Request)Cost
8 1/2 x 11"$0.25
11 x 17"$0.50
17 x 22"$2.00
24 x 36"$4.00
36 x 44" (or larger)$8.00
Media Services (By Appointment)Cost
Existing Posters, 8 1/2 x 11" or 11 x 17" (Bond Paper)$5.00
Existing Posters, 17 x 22" or 24 x 36" (Bond Paper)$10.00
Existing Posters, 36 x 44" or larger (Bond Paper)$20.00
Existing Posters, sizes up to 17 x 22" (Glossy Paper)$20.00
Existing Posters, 24 x 36" or larger (Glossy Paper)$30.00
Complete Town Assessors Atlas$100.00
Town GIS Data CD ROM (ESRI SHP Files)$25.00

Additional Materials

Free Electronic GIS Data:  Before obtaining any Town GIS data, you must sign and submit the Data Release Form.  You can arrange to have GIS data files electronically uploaded to a file sharing directory (which you provide).  You must contact the GIS Coordinator, to arrange for a file transfer.  All GIS data is available in ESRI Shapefile format, and is projected to MA StatePlane, NAD83 feet.  For further information, please contact the GIS Coordinator at (508) 358-3654.

Purchase Custom GIS Data Layers:  You can request custom GIS data by contacting the GIS Coordinator.  All custom GIS requests are subject to approval.  The Town of Wayland is not responsible for fulfilling any personal GIS data requests.  Fees do apply, and are based upon staff scheduling, and the amount of time determined necessary to complete a request.