Town GIS Layers

The table below lists all of the GIS data layers that are currently maintained by the Town GIS Coordinator and are continuously updated.  GIS data layers are only available in ESRI Shapefile file format, and are projected to MA StatePlane, NAD83, feet.  Not all GIS layers are available online.  For information about obtaining additional GIS data, please contact the Town GIS Coordinator.

Click here to access the Wayland Online GIS. 

Available GIS Data Layers:

GIS Layer TitleDepartmentModifiedDescriptionLocation
AntennasPublic Works2013Antenna Points (DPW Field Check)Online
AqueductsMunicipal2008Aqueduct Polygons (Mass. Water Resources)Online
Aquifer Protection DistrictsBoard of Health2016Aquifer Protection District Polygons (MassGIS)Online
Atlas FrameSurveyor2008Atlas Frame Polygon (Map Design Purposes)Offline
BiomapNHESP2011Biodiversity Conservation Layer PolygonsOnline
Boundary LinesSurvey2016Town Boundary in Atlas IndexOnline
Boundary PolygonSurvey2016Boundary Polygon (GIS Analysis)Online
BuildingsBuilding2015Building Footprint Lines (Boston Edison Company)Online
Catch BasinsPublic Works2016Catch Basin Points (DPW Field Check)Online
CemeteriesPublic Works2016Private and Public Cemetery PolygonsOnline
Chapter 61 LandPlanner2015Land Designated for Forest ProductsStaff Site
CondominiumsBuilding2015Condominium Footprint Lines (Individual Parcel ID Units)Coming Soon
Conservation AreasConservation2015Conservation Area PolygonsOnline
Conservation ProtectionsConservation2015Conservation Protected PropertiesStaff Site
Conservation RestrictionsConservation2015Conservation Restricted PropertiesStaff Site
Contour Index Lines 10ftSurvey2013Contour Index Lines 10ft (Town Flyover)Online
Contour Index Lines 2ftSurvey2013Contour Index Lines 2ft (Town Flyover)Online
DamsPublic Works2013Dams (Flyover)Staff Site
Drain PipesPublic Works2016Drainage (DPW Field Check)Staff Site
DrivewaysPublic Works2013Public and Private Driveways (Flyover)Online
FEMA Flood HazardFEMA2014FEMA Flood Hazard DesignationsOnline
Floodplain LinesConservation2007Floodplain Lines 120ft & 124ft (Zoning Bylaw)Online
Golf Courses, PrivateRecreation2016Private Golf Course PolygonsOnline
HAZMAT SitesBoard of Health2013Hazmat Site Locations (MassGIS)Offline
Historic DistrictsHistoric Dist Comm.2008Historic District Boundary Polygons (Zoning Bylaw)Online
HydrantsPublic Safety2017Hydrant Location Points (Field Check)Online
Lake, Ponds, RiversConservation2013Open Water Polygons (Flyover)Online
MA DCRMassDCR2008Dept. Conservation & Recreation PropertiesOnline
MA DOTMassDOT2008Dept Transportation Properties (MassPike)Online
MA MWRAMWRA2008Water Resources Authority (Metrowest Tunnel)Online
ManholesPublic Works2016Manhole Points (DPW Field Check)Online
NHESP Certified Vernal PoolsNHESP2016Cert. Vernal PoolsOnline
NHESP Est. Habitat Rare WildNHESP2008Estimated Rare Wildlife LocationsOnline
NHESP Priority Habitat SpeciesNHESP2008Priority Habitat Rare SpeciesOnline
NWR PropertiesNWR2008National Wildlife Refuge Properties (Great Meadows)Online
One-Way StreetsPublic Works2013One-Way Street DirectionalsOnline
Open SpaceConservation2016Open Space Polygons (Conservation Commission)Staff Site
Parcels - MA Level 3MassGIS2016Compliant Level 3 Parcel PolygonsOnline
Parking LotsPublic Works2013Public and Private Parking Lots (Flyover)Online
PolesPublic Works2016Light and Utility Points (DPW Field Check)Online
Potential Vernal PoolsNHESP2000Potential Vernal Pool PointsComing Soon
Private Recreation FacilitiesRecreation2016Private Recreation Location Points (Town)Online
Public or Private StreetsPublic Works2016Public or Private Street DesignationsOnline
Road CenterlinesHighway2016Road Centerlines (for existing right-of-ways)Offline
Road FrontageHighway2004Road Frontage Reference Lines (Property Deeds)Online
Road PavementPublic Works2013Paved & Unpaved Roads (Flyover)Online
School DistrictsSchool2014School District PolygonsOnline
SidewalksPublic Works2013Sidewalks (Flyover)Online
SoilsBoard of Health2007Soil Survey Polygons (MassGIS)Online
StreamsConservation2013Streams & TributariesOnline
Sudbury Valley TrustSVT2015Sudbury Valley Trust PropertiesOnline
Tax Map IndexAssessor2008Atlas Index PolygonsOnline
Tennessee Gas PipelineSurveyor2013National Pipeline Mapping SystemOffline
TowersPublic Works2016Cell Tower Points (DPW Field Check)Online
Town Athletic FieldsRecreation2016Town Athletic Fields Location PointsOnline
Town Commercial PropertiesPlanner2015Commercial PropertiesStaff Site
Town Owned PropertiesMunicipal2016Town Properties Polygons (Zoning Bylaw)Online
Town Points of InterestMunicipal2013Town Facility Location PointsOnline
Town SandingPublic Works2016Town Sanding RoutesOnline
Town Snow PlowingPublic Works2016Town Plowing RoutesOnline
Traffic LightsPublic Works2015Traffic Light Points (DPW Field Check)Online
Trail NetworkConservation2016Trail Path Lines (State & Local)Online
Trail Points of InterestConservation2016Trail Markers & Info PointsOnline
Utility PointsMunicipal2013Utility Pole Points (Boston Edison Company)Online
Voting DistrictsTown Clerk2011Voting District Polygons (US Census Bureau)Online
Water Capture ZonesConservation2009Water Capture Zone PolygonsOnline
Water PipesPublic Works2016Water Pipes (DPW Field Check)Staff Site
Water Protection Act BuffersConservation2017100ft & 200ft Buffers (ConComm)Coming Soon
Wellhead SitesBoard of Health2015Town Wellhead LocationsStaff Site
WetlandsConservation2013Wetlands Polygons (Flyover)Online
WetlandsConservation2013Wetlands Polygons (Flyover)Online
Zone 1Board of Health2016500ft Area Polygons (Dept. Environ. Protec.)Online
Zone 2Board of Health2016Water Supply Polygons (Dept. Environ. Protec.)Online
Zoning DistrictsPlanning2005Polygons (Zoning Bylaw)Online
Zoning Overlay DistrictsPlanning2014Overlay Polygons (Zoning Bylaw)Online

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