Town Maps

The contents of this table are continuously updated, please check back for the latest information.  For further assistance in locating specific maps, please contact the Town GIS Coordinator at (508) 358-6855.

Available Town Maps:

Map TitleDepartmentModifiedPaper Size
Assessor AtlasGIS-DPW2017-0117" x 22"
Conservation Areas & Trails AtlasConservation2018-0511" x 17"
Conservation Map (All Town Trails displayed on a small Town Map)Conservation2024-0311" x 17"
Construction HistoryHistorical Commission2008-0622" x 28"
Directions to Town BuildingHuman Resources2018-058.5" x 11"
Dudley Pond AreaSWQC-DPW2014-0728" x 40"
Historic ResourcesHistoric Commission2009-0524" x 36"
Historic Settlement Atlas (Wayland 375th Anniversary Maps)Historic Commission2013-068.5" x 11"
Historic Wayland Atlas (Collection of various Wayland Historic Maps)Historic Commissionvariesvaries
Lakeview Cemetery Rules and MapParks-DPW2018-058.5" x 11"
Lakeview Cemetery (Large)Parks-DPW2018-0536" x 48"
North Cemetery Rules and MapParks-DPW2018-058.5" x 11"
North Cemetery (Large)Parks-DPW2018-0536" x 48"
Parcels & LanduseGIS-DPW2024-0136" x 72"
Parcels & Landuse (with insets)GIS-DPW2024-0136" x 48"
Scenic RoadsGIS-DPW2015-068.5" x 11"
School DistrictsSchool2024-0422" x 36"
Soil Survey & Title 5Board of Health2007-0636" x 72"
Street LocatorGIS-DPW2024-0111" x 17"
Street MapGIS-DPW2024-0136" x 60"
Town MapGIS-DPW2024-0118" x 24"
Town Owned PropertiesGIS-DPW2018-0436" x 48"
Veterans MemorialsVeterans Agent2007-1124" x 28"
Voting PrecinctsTown Clerk2024-0122" x 36"
Water Resources (with Parcels & Addresses)Board of Health2018-0536" x 72"
Water Protection Districts (Zones 1 & 2)Board of Health2018-0522" x 36"
Zoning (Official Town Zoning Map)Planning2006-0417" x 22"

Zoning Overlay Districts (Official Town Zoning Overlay Districts Map)

Planning2014-0717" x 22"

Zoning with Overlay Districts (Color Map - For Reference Only)

Planning2024-0136" x 72"

Map Information:

  • Town Atlas (Assessor Maps):  The Assessor Town Atlas Maps contain parcels, streets, easements, building footprints, floodplains, frontage, and land area.  The Massachusetts Registry of Deeds is the only definitive source for property records.
  • Conservation Maps:  For more information, please contact the Conservation Commission at (508) 358-3669.
  • Historic Maps:  Original and reproductions of historic maps, dating from 1638 to the present.  For more information, please contact the Historical Commission.
  • Topographic Maps:  100 scale (1 in=100 ft) planimetric (horizontal position of features) and topographic (2ft contours) maps of the town, based on aerial photography developed by the Wayland Survey Department in 1977.
  • Aerial Imagery:  Aerial imagery from 1952, 1977, 1994, 2001 (Digital Color), 2005 (Digital Color Infrared), and 2012 (flyover) covering the town.  Additional satellite imagery is available on Wayland GIS.  Local photography from 1938, 1968, 1975, 1976 and 2012.
  • Custom Maps:  Custom Cartography Maps are also available for purchase by contacting the GIS Coordinator.  All custom map requests are subject to approval.  The Town of Wayland is not responsible for fulfilling any personal mapping requests.  Fees do apply, and are based upon staff scheduling, and the amount of time estimated to complete a request.