Board of Selectmen to meet with members of boards and committees to discuss town organization, Wednesday, May 23



MAY 23, 2018

The Board of Selectmen will meet with members of boards and committees on Wednesday May 23rd to discuss town organization. To guide the discussion, participants are asked to consider the questions below. Please keep in mind that the questions apply to anyone who might be in appointed or elected roles someday in the future rather than those presently occupying office.

1.      BUDGET: Should the Town’s current budget process be replaced with a budget process which assigns responsibility to the Town Administrator to develop the annual operating and capital budgets for all departments on behalf of the Board of Selectmen which would then, in turn recommend a final budget plan to Town Meeting? The Finance Committee would, under this type of organization, provide an independent review of the budget plan and report its findings to Town Meeting.  

2.      REPORTING: For what purposes should all department heads be accountable to the Town Administrator? For what purposes should a department head not be accountable to the Town Administrator?

3.      OTHER IDEAS: Are there any changes that could be made to Town organization that would help you function better as a Department Head or, as applicable, as an elected or appointed member of a public body?


Attached please find a draft “Act Establishing the Position of Town Manager in Wayland” which would change the role and relationships of the chief executive officer, department heads, Board of Selectmen and Finance Committee.