Call for Nominations: 2018 Lydia Maria Child Award

Call for Nominations

2018 Lydia Maria Child Award


The Wayland Public Ceremonies Committee has traditionally brought to the Town’s Annual Meeting, makes the announcement of   the names of citizens and/or volunteer organizations to be recognized for their contributions to the Town’s governance, to our community’s quality of life, or to serving important needs among our townspeople.

In 2009 this honor was named the Lydia Maria Child for outstanding citizenship.  Maria was a national heroine for abolition, equality and human rights who resided in Wayland in the mid nineteenth century. 

In response to citizen request, any resident may submit nominations for this award.  The candidate nominated may be a resident or local group, an organization or an employee of the town.

The Public Ceremonies Committee invites all Wayland residents to offer nominations for this honor.  Each candidate is given serious deliberation.  For consideration this year a nominations must be received by March 16, 2018.  Prior nominations are carried forward and need not be resubmitted for reconsideration.

Please send the name of your nominee and your reason for nominating this candidate along with your contact information to:

                   Richard P. Turner, Chair

                   Wayland Public Ceremonies Committee

                   7 Nob Hill Road

                   Wayland, MA 01778-2216

Or:              Email: