Library Planning Committee

About Us:

In early 2015, the Wayland Free Public Library formed a volunteer citizens’ advisory committee, the Library Planning Committee (LPC), to evaluate the existing library space and program to determine whether the Library Trustees should take advantage of the anticipated 2016-2017 MBLC’s Massachusetts Public Library Construction Program (MPLCP) grant round.  Part of the charge to the LPC was to review the Library’s current Long-Range Plan.

Other key parts of their charge were to educate themselves about the requirements of the MPLCP, to make a recommendation to the Board of Trustees about whether and how to go forward with a Massachusetts Public Library Construction grant application, and to help organize data in preparation for a grant application in FY2017.  During the course of the work of the LPC, it became clear that an updated Long-Range Plan would be an important element of submission in a grant application, so in early 2016 the Board of Library Trustees expanded the charge of the LPC to involve them in the creation of an updated Long-Range Plan.

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