Planning Board & Town Planner Pending Matters

Planning Board/Town Planner Pending Matters                                    LAST UPDATED: 03/09/2022



Pertinent Dates

To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due Date

Finish Date

Michael Road

Decision: 3/26/2010

Road Acceptance:

Need to start process for Fall 2021


Ensure final paving is done

Affordable Unit Lottery application deadline September 15,2020, Lottery is September 24, 2020.

Secure written assessment from Town Enginer that road construction conforms to decision. Bond $75,000 monitor drainage system in cul-de-sac. Prepare road for street acceptance. Provide landscape plan for storm rain garden in cul-de-sac

Approved by DHCD



Spring 2022






Whittemore Place

Decision: 1/13/1988


1/19/2018 mod

Secure HOA agreement for the Board 

Board voted on 11/5/2019 to allow ext. to 5/31/2020.




Secure witten assessment from eningneer and town that road construction conforms to decision. Bond $30,000


Fall 2021



Secure covenant for the Board regarding completion

Final paving is complete

$30,000 Road needs to be completed by 10/15/2020


Fall 2021






Resolve Stone-Meyers’ drive at 213 Old Conn Path. Amend subdivision decision and to create a method of surety.

July 23,2020 Quadripartite Agreement

Driveway has been completed 08/17/2020

  Street Acceptance has been submitted for Spring 2022 ATM Article was referred by the BoPW to the Planning Board on March 1, 2022. Planning Board will be voting layout at its March 15, 2022 meeting pending Town Engineer report and Town Planner report. Bond still in place $30,000.March 15, 2022 
Subdivision Rules and regulations Update Board started in 2021 last updaed in 2018.   

Five Paths (57 Shaw Drive)

Filed: August 2019

Act 90 days: 11/3/19

Ext to: 3/31/20

Cont mtg to: 3/10/20


  • Dedication of 7.27 acres
  • Homeowners Association
  • Record declaration of easements covenants

hearing closed Dec filed on September 17, 2020

Board granted extension of time to complete to September 17, 2023






81 West Plain


Assist with Application for Affordable Unit ZBA. Driveway, easements and Homeowners Association must be recorded before lots are releasd.

Private way is under construction

Affordable Unit file LAU to DHCD

signed plans on 9/9/2020





  Affordable Housing Unit in process of lottery  

Conservation Cluster Special Permits

Pertinent Dates

To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due Date

Finish Date

Covered Bridge (Rice Road)








Report on planting of trees along Rice Road to buffer entrance driveway. Board voted to release bond subject to landscape planting along Rice Road. Board holding $2,500

Report on financial security status/may include fence/permission from owners











27 Sherman's Bridge Opened Public hearing on August 3, 2021, continued to September 17, 2021. BSC Group conducting peer review. Purchase proposed by use of CPA funds. Town meeting 2022 

Applicant has withdrawn  application

104 Plain Road


Rectify non-compliance with 5-acre jurisdictional requirement. KP Law comments received 10/11/19. bounds need to be installed. Put Conservation Restriction in place. Town Planner spoke with Developer on Tuesday July 28, 2020.

March 2020


Board to amend development decision regarding open space. Meeting set for March 1, 2022. Continued again until March 15, 2022.

105 Plain Road



Hearing 08/04/2020

Advertised for hearing of Subdivision approval dated 04/13/2021.

5 unit Conservation Cluster Special Permit and

Definitive Subdivision.

Historic Preservation 1889 Draper House

Homeowners' Association

Condo Docs

Public Trail 

Conservation Restriction


Decision signed by the Planning Board certifying May 21, 2021. 

Special Conditions: Condo Documents, Home Owner's Assoc Documents, Public Trail, Conservation Restriction, Preservation Restriction, Design of Condo Units, Declaration of Restrictive Covenant. Need review by Planning Board

Application November 2, 2020.
Hearing closed on April 27, 2021.

Needs follow-up



Site Plan Approvals

Pertinent Dates

To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due Date

Finish Date

Loker Recreation Area Field Project

Warrant Article at 2022 ATM for grass field

ZBA Special permit for lights / Town Meeting Approval for funding/ Planning Board issued recommendation for follow up. Not approved at Town Meeitng Spring 2021.

ZBA Approval Special Permit. 

Summer 2023

Lee's FarmSite Plan Approval Conditions, Under Construction April 2022April 2022
Camp Chickami (YMCA)Site Plan Approval Conditions, Construction has not started   

Projects In Special  Overlay Districts

Pertinent Dates

To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due Date

Finish Date



Report on ownership of road and drainage structures





Report on financial security status





Bring detention basin into compliance



Wayland Town Center (BPR)

In process for 2022 ATM

Ensure River Trail path connection to Cow Common. SP issued to River Trail Place, Need to obtain Municipal Parcel and 10 acre conservation restiriction.


Shared Streets Grant 








Alta at River’s Edge (BPR)

ZBA Approved variance 12/31/19

Submit Site Plan Approval recommendation to ZBA

DRB and Planning issue report on building facade,landscape and signage. Follow-up on affordable units

under construction 







Planning Initiatives


To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due  Date

Finish Date

Mass Central Rail Trail

Support efforts to construct Trail to the West. Funding source
Wayfinding requests for interpretive signage

Project on MassDOT TIP list (Project 610660)

Project Eligibility notification January 17, 2020 MassDOT

Total Federal Participating Construction Costs $4,380,000




Route 20 Construction  Commercial Dist.

Improve corridor with sidewalks, curbing, street scape, signage, new zoning initiatives. 
Contract has been signed with BETA Engineering to perform engineering designs for the Route 20 corridor which includes sidewalks, granite curbing, street trees, ornamental lighting and paving. 

Determine Funding a Route 20 vision study/coordinate with BOS,EDC

Administer Wayfinding grant $15,000

Study sewer capacity



Sidewalk Improvements and connections.

Route 30 sidewalk connections to Loker Park. Fill gaps to Oak Street Natick.


Create connection to the Cochituate Rail Trail in Natick

Schedule town-wide discussion with BOS, BoPW, and Trail groups.


Review sidewalk connections to Loker Field



Route 20 Master Plan Study

Create visioning for the Route 20 corridor from Pelham Island Road to Andrew Avenue. BoS recommending that this be on hold until a new Town Manager is appointed. 




Prospective Zoning Amendments


To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due  Date

Finish Date

Wireless Coverage

Improve cell coverage in North & South Wayland

Follow-up on potential opportunities



Common Driveway Bylaw

Encourage common drives

Submit for Fall Town Meeting Warrant 2022



Accessroy Dwelling Unit BylawProposed Zoning By-Law was presented by the HousingAuthority (S. Weinstein) for an accessory dwelling unit by-law, said article was not submitted on time for 2022 ATM. Planning Board to discuss and coordiante with various housing committees to discuss ADU by-law. Examples include: Lincoln, MA  

West Plain Street and Main Street Village Overlay District


Revitalize area

Applied for MAPC Technical grant in the amount of $25,000.



Miscellaneous Matters


To Do / To Ensure is Done

Due  Date

Finish Date

Scenic Roads

West Plain Street – Town-sponsored tree replanting program, 

This has been a Planning Board goal for several years. Road is in need of street trees. Determine source of funding. 



Housing Plan

Barrett draft plan was presetned to the Planning Board on March 1, 2022.

Planning Board has two weeks to review draft plan



40B Wayland


New Developer has taken over. Need Conservation and Board of Health Approval.



40B Wayland

24 School Street – need to provide new filing to Conservation and Board of Health.




Proposed Large Developments in neighboring towns



Monitor, especially with regard to traffic impacts Road Safety audit Route 20 at Old Connecticut Path February 25, 2020. By Toole Design on behalf of Vanasse & Associates, Inc Mass Dot and Wayland DPW, Police Chief and Town Planner hosted and attended meeting.




Weston –751-761 BPR (180 rental units on 12 acres within a total of 62 acres)






Weston – BPR (150 rental units on 2 acres)






Weston – 518 South Ave (Rt. 30) (200 rental units on 4.5 acres within a total of 9.5 acres)




Wayland Village / Whole Food's PlazaPresentation was made at the BoS Meeting February 28, 2022 by Mill Creek Residential for 200 unitsProposal is friendly 40B  
DHCD Housing Choice BillDiscussion on MBTA and Zoning to permit multi-family by right. Comment period is open.    
Launcher WayWork with BOS and various Housing Groups to purchase 12 homes. Appraisal is underway by Shepard Associates. Army still needs to issue RFP.   
Completed Items    


Web Site Information, Revise to reflect provisions of the Scenic Roads bylaw CompleteComplete

Scenic Roads
22 Draper Road -

Rectify unauthorized removal of multiple large tree

Email from Jesse Adelman November 14, 2019. Plant 4 trees along Draper Road.



CVS (Route 27 & West Plain Street)

Rectify non-conforming landscaping


High School Athletic Facilities Project

Follow up on compliance with decision



74 Moore Road

Put Historical Preservation Restrictive Covenant in place to protect barn Barn restriction has been signed and recorded. Report on financial security status



Parmenter Farm (Training Field Road) 15 & 17


Put Conservation Restriction in place. Conservation Restriction approved by State. BOS and ConCom signed restriction Town Planner waiting for State signature.

List other open conditions and completion of Trail. Final Paving to be completed.


Spencer Circle

Road Acceptance: ATM 2020  moved to ATM 2021

Planning Board voted layout March 16, 2021

Town Planner received remaining bond in the amount of $2,410.72. Scheduled work to repair drain manhole.