Contacts Directory

Name/OrganizationTelephoneGroup/Policy Number
Donna Lemoyne, Benefits Manager(508) 358-3612 
Great-West Financial(877) 457-1900 
Middlesex Retirement(978) 439-3000 
Harvard Pilgrim PPO-Advantage: Town Retiree(800) 848-99950333180009TR
BCBS - NWB NE (Benchmark): Town Retiree(800) 782-367500-4042488
Fallon Select Care (Benchmark): Town Retiree(800) 868-52005550777
Fallon Direct Care (Benchmark): Town Retiree(800) 868-52005550781
Harvard Pilgrim (Benchmark): Town Retiree(800) 848-99950288480024
Tufts Navigator (Benchmark): Town Retiree(800) 462-022445843-062
BCBS - NWB NE (Benchmark): School Retiree(800) 782-367500-4040489
Fallon Select Care (Benchmark): School Retiree(800) 868-52005550778
Fallon Direct Care (Benchmark): School Retiree(800) 868-52005550782
Harvard Pilgrim (Benchmark): School Retiree(800) 848-99950288480022
Tufts Navigator (Benchmark): School Retiree(800) 462-022445843-122
Harvard Pilgrim PPO-Advantage: School Retiree(800) 848-99950333180009SR
BSBS-Managed Blue for Seniors: Town Retiree(800) 782-36754035708T
BCBS-Medex 2 with Blue Medicare RX: Town Retiree(800) 782-367550-2272362T
Fallon Sr: Town Retiree(888) 377-19804445919T
HP Medicare Enhance w/Aetna Part D: Town Retiree(800) 848-9995039021-0000T
Tufts Medicare Pref. Supplement PDP Plus: Town Retiree(800) 936-19021055S-T
Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO: Town Retiree(800) 936-19021055T
BSBS-Managed Blue for Seniors: School Retiree(800) 782-36754035708
BCBS-Medex 2 with Blue Medicare RX: School Retiree(800) 782-367550-2272362
Fallon Sr: School Retiree(888) 377-19804445919
HP Medicare Enhance w/Aetna Part D: School Retiree(800) 848-9995039021-0000
Tufts Medicare Pref. Supplement PDP Plus: School Retiree(800) 936-19021055S
Tufts Medicare Preferred HMO: School Retiree(800) 936-19021055
Boston Mutual Basic Life Insurance(800) 669-2668147-1 & -2
Boston Mutual Optional Life Insurance(800) 669-266812612-1 & -2
Long Term Care (LTC)(800) 227-4165536051