Purpose & Appointments


The Tax Relief Committee is concerned with identifying, researching, developing, and promoting a variety of strategies designed to ease the property tax burden on Wayland residents age 65 and over, including but not limited to researching existing options for providing tax relief and informing citizens of their benefits and drawbacks, seeking alternative methods for easing the property tax burden, working to gain support for changes to state legislation and local bylaws and practices, and working with similar committees in other communities and with state legislators identify and file legislation.


The seven-member committee shall include one member representing the Council on Aging, one member representing the Board of Assessors, one member representing the Finance Committee, two members representing the Board of Selectmen, and two members representing the community at large. Members shall be appointed for three (3) years with staggered terms.

  • Revised: June 21, 1999, to expand the Committee to eight members.
  • Revised: September 9, 2013, to reduce the Committee to seven members.
  • Revised: September 21, 2015, to extend appointments to staggered three-year terms.