Police Chief Search

Police Chief

    The Town Administrator is pleased to announce a Community forum on “Policing in Wayland” will take place on Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 7:00pm remotely via zoom. Residents and any members of the public interested are highly encouraged to register for this event (link below).  The total number of participants is limited to 500, however, the forum will be live-streamed on YouTube and telecast on WayCAM.  The purpose of the forum will be to engage in a conversation and obtain residents’ thoughts on Wayland policing and the attributes of the next Police Chief.  The results from the Police Chief Profile Survey and Wayland Policing Survey will also be discussed.  Bernie Lynch of Community Paradigm Associates will moderate. 

    While questions may be asked during the forum, you may submit any questions you may have ahead of time at HR@wayland.ma.us.


    Estimated Tasks & Timeline of Police Chief Search

    1. Community Outreach and Engagement - Complete 
    2. Police Chief Job Description and Salary Review Complete - Profile/Job Description 
    • Board of Selectmen and Personnel Board to review and approve proposed changes.
    3. Preparation of a Recruitment Statement for Police Chief Complete - Profile/Job Description 
    • Town to complete Town profile and consultant to help with Police Chief attributes.
    • The profile/job description was advertised on the following websites:

                    Massachusetts Municipal Association: https://www.mma.org

                    Massachusetts Chiefs of Police Association: https://www.masschiefs.org/

                    International Association of Chiefs of Police: https://www.theiacp.org/

                    National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives: https://noblenational.org/

                    Hispanic American Police Command Officers Association: https://hapcoa.org/

                    National Association of Women Law Enforcement Executives: https://nawlee.org/

    5. Technical Assessment Center - To be completed in early November
    6. Hold Community Forum & discussion of survey results - To be completed in November

    7. Interviews - To be completed in November
    8. Appointment of Police Chief - to be determined during selection process

    Board of Selectmen Minutes Pertaining to Police Chief Search

    • Sep 14, 2020 - Announced that Police Chief Swanick will be retiring on November 30, 2020.
    • Oct 19, 2020- The Town had not started the process to fill the Police Chief vacancy
    • Nov 16, 2020 - TA recommended that the Board ratify the appointment of Lt. Sean Gibbons as the Interim Police Chief at the Nov. 23 meeting
    • Nov 30, 2020 - Swearing in of Interim Police Chief Sean Gibbons
    • Feb 22, 2021 - receipt of proposal from Community Paradigm Associates, LLC for services related to the Chief of Police search
    • March 8, 2021 - Proposal & Hiring of Paradigm Associates 
    • May 24, 2021 - Racial Justice Advisory Group Policing Subgroup has prepared a town-wide survey for Wayland residents. there will be community outreach and Police Chief Profile and Town profile would be drafted.
    • June 29, 2021 - Selection process and timeline for hiring a new Police Chief
    • July 12, 2021 - Under Selectmen's Report and Concerns - TA announces hiring firm was preparing survey and revising the Town profile description based on the Board’s previous discussion. Concerns from both hiring firm and TA of broad public involvement in hiring process. 
    • July 26, 2021 - reviewed two surveys, one for the Police Chief Profile Survey which had been issued and a separate survey on Wayland Police Department that would be forthcoming
    • Aug 9 , 2021 - TA reviewed  process for hiring the next Police Chief which includes opportunity for public input. Police Chief Profile Survey had been issued and results are being reviewed.

    Board of Selectmen Meeting recordings on Waycam

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