Pothole & Vehicle Damages Claim

Pothole Reporting Protocol

To report a pothole or road defect please contact the Department of Public Works (DPW) at 508-358-3672 during regular business hours. To report a pothole during closed office hours, please contact the Wayland Police Department on their non-emergency line 508-358-4721. Police Dispatch will then notify DPW of the pothole report.

Please read the policy below to determine if your veichle damages claim is eligible for reimbursement

Potholes usually occur when excess water beneath the pavement freezes and thaws, weakening the surface material and leaving voids beneath the pavement. A sudden thaw, especially when accompanied by heavy rain, can very quickly wash out roadway base material and create numerous potholes in multiple locations throughout Town.
The Department of Public Works repairs all potholes as quickly as possible after observing or receiving a report of a pothole. The best repair for potholes is to use hot mix asphalt. However, in the winter, hot asphalt material may not be readily available which necessitates using temporary material, which may not adhere as well to the surrounding base material. For this reason, some potholes may need to be patched several times over the winter months until warmer weather allows for a permanent repair to be made. The DPW makes every effort to find these road defects before they cause damage, but potholes and other road defects often develop quickly. There may be situations where a hazard marker (cone, barrel or signage) is placed until a repair can be performed.
If you encounter a pothole and have damage to your vehicle, you may be eligible for reimbursement. Every claim is investigated and approved or denied based upon the provisions of Massachusetts General Laws, Chapter 84, Section 15 which stipulates the Town is not liable to reimburse costs for damage to vehicles, people, or property caused by an unreported road defect until such time as the defect has been reported to the Town and the Town has had reasonable time to respond to the roadway hazard. Although reasonable time is customarily defined as within 48 hours, the DPW strives to make reported pothole repairs within the next scheduled operating shift
If you have experienced damage to your vehicle and wish to file a claim, please complete the Vehicle Damage Claim Form in its entirety using this link, and email it to jdoucette@wayland.ma.us, edoucette@wayland.ma.us, tholder@wayland.ma.us, and lmiller@wayland.ma.us. Please note that if you use the downloadable link, the form can be filled out online and should be emailed once completed. If issues arise when completing this form, please contact (508) 358-3672. Please note there is no guarantee that you will be reimbursed. A claim form, along with necessary repair documentation, must be received by the Town within 30 days of the incident.