Mattress Recycling

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The Transfer Station has been awarded a grant under the MassDEP Mattress Recycling Initiative program.

Residents who possess a minimum of a $25 Annual Recycle-Only permit will be able to bring traditional mattresses in recyclable condition to the Transfer Station to be recycled.

A container has been provided where mattresses will be stored prior to being sent off to be deconstructed recycled.

ACCEPTABLE MATTRESSES (Please place neatly in container)

          - Traditional mattresses constructed of metal, textiles, wood, and foam.

          - Crib Mattresses and Memory Foam Mattresses

UNACCEPTABLE MATTRESSES (Please dispose of in Bulky Waste)

          - Excessively torn, punctured, soiled, or moldy items

          - Twisted or crushed mattresses or broken box springs

          - Wet or frozen mattresses or box springs

          - Mattresses or box springs infested with bed bugs or other pests

          - Futons and fold-out sofa beds

          - Mattress pads and toppers

          - Infant sleeping pads; air or water beds; any other furniture or textiles

Mattresses deemed unacceptable for recycling may still be disposed of in bulky waste by full permit holders only.

The acceptability of mattresses for recycling is at the sole discretion of the Transfer Station employees.

Please direct any questions on the program to on-site Transfer Station personnel or to the DPW Office at 508-358-3673