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Wayland Sewer Customer – The format of the wastewater bill has changed.  The Town recently converted the billing system to improve efficiency and consistency in the process.  The calculations that are used to generate the bill were also modified.  The primary change to the calculation is the usage data will now only use water meter readings in hundred cubic feet (HCF).  Previously, wastewater bills required a conversion of the water meter information to gallons per day.  The bill now uses the water meter readings directly. 

In order to calculate the bills using the same methodology as previously used under the gallons per day format, the Town developed individual rate tables specific to the capacity assigned to your property.  The methodology for billing remains the same as before.  The quarterly rate charges are equivalent to the rates that the District voted in June of 2019.

The Calculation Guide, below, identifies the important pieces of information that will allow you to calculate the bill for your property.  The green circle identifies the “Design Flow”.  The blue circle provides the usage for your property, obtained from the water meter, during the billing period.  Lastly, the red circle provides the total wastewater charge for the billing period.

To calculate the bill, you should identify your Design Flow and then find this number on the associated FY 2020 Rate Tables attached below.   In the example below the Design Flow is 220 gallons per day (GPD).  The appropriate table is copied below:

Base Charge  $162.35
Tier 1113$4.54
Tier 214 $13.62

The quarterly base charge for Fiscal Year 2020 is $162.35.  This is calculated by taking the rate of $6.05 per hundred cubic feet per year multiplied by the Design Flow (in hundred cubic feet per year) and dividing by 4 for the quarterly charge.

Base Charge = (Design Flow * 365 days per year * $6.05 per hundred cubic feet per year)   
                                   (748.1 gallons per hundred cubic feet * 4 quarters per year)

The usage charge is calculated by taking the usage in each Tier and multiplying times the rate.  In the example all the usage is in Tier 1 which is 600 (divided by 100 to get hundred cubic feet) or 6 HCF.  This usage is all Tier 1, so the usage charge is $4.54 * 6 or $27.24.  If the usage was greater than 13 HCF then all usage above 13 HCF would be calculated at the higher rate.  Note that it is important to choose the correct table as the usage tiers are different for each Rate Table.

In the example, the total “Wastewater Bill” is $162.35 + $27.24 = $189.59

The Department of Public Works tested the conversion and verified that your bill is accurate.  Any further questions should be directed to Kristen Peters at (508)358-3674 or

Wastewater Bill Guide



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