Wayland Cares Review Committee


At its meeting on Monday, May 6, 2013, the Board of Selectmen voted to establish a temporary advisory committee to be known as the Wayland Cares Review Committee to advise and make recommendations to the Board of Selectmen with regard to the community’s substance abuse prevention program known as Wayland Cares.


The committee shall be comprised of five (5) members appointed by and serving at the pleasure of the Board of Selectmen, with preference given to individuals with professional expertise in substance abuse prevention; social work; strategic planning; business and non-profit or governmental organization development.  The purpose of the committee shall be to review the accomplishments of the Wayland Cares coalition and its value to the Town.  The committee shall also be tasked with making recommendations as to whether to continue the work of the coalition should continue, by what organizational structure, and by what sources of funding.