Wildlife In Wayland - Photo Gallery

Photos and videos courtesy of Brian Harris, Conservation Land Manager. Click on species name to view full image.

Birds of Wayland

A small blueish- grey bird with a lighter belly sits and sings from a branch   A slick black bird with a yellow cap sits on a branch   a tan bird with a black stripe around its eye sits in a tree branch.

                 Blue-Grey Gnatcatcher                                         Male Bobolink                                       Cedar Waxwing

small yellow songbird perches on a branch.    A blue bird with a reddish belly perched on a log   a small gray bird with a buffy belly and a crest on its head sits atop a branch

                Common Yellowthroat                                        Eastern Bluebird                              Great Crested Flycatcher

a brown bird with a spotted belly holds a berry in its mouth   a dark brown bird with spotted belly sits in a bare tree   a yellow bird with a red head and brown spots on its belly sits on a bare tree branch

                  Hermit Thrush                                              Northern Waterthrush                                         Palm Warbler           

   a yellow songbird with grey wings and tail sits next to a tree trunk   a light tan songbird with a red eye sits on a branch   a hummingbird sips on a red flower

                          Pine Warbler                                                    Red-eyed Vireo                                Ruby-Throated Hummingbird     

   a bright red bird with black wings sits on a tree branch   a small bird with a dark, iridescent green back and white belly sits atop a silver pole.   a grey bird with a whitish belly and yellowish head and underwing sits on a branch

                          Scarlet Tanager                                              Tree Swallow                                                 White-eyed Vireo

A small bird with a white belly and grayish-green back balances on a thin tree branch   a bright yellow bird with some spots on its belly holds onto a vertical tree branch   A balc-and white- spotted woodpecker with red cap and chin sits vertically on a trunk

                Willow Flycatcher                                   Yellow Warbler                           Yellow-bellied Sapsucker


Invertebrates in Wayland


A yellow-orange butterfly with black spots sits on a leaf   A cream-colored butterfly with a single black spot sits on a daisy   A black- and yellow butterfly sits on a red wood lily.

                       Bronzed Copper                                               Common Ringlet                                         Eastern Tigerswallow Tail

A monarch butterfly sits on a pink flower   an iridescent blue dragonfly with black wings rests on a leaf.   An orange-and black butterfly sits within a cluster of pink flowers

                      Monarch                                        Ebony Jewelwing                                                      Fritliary 

Mammals of Wayland (Caught on Game Cameras)