Permanent Municipal Building Committee


The role of the PMBC is to oversee and direct the design and construction of selected Town building projects by providing technical, project management and cost and schedule expertise.  The PMBC may also provide advice on projects not under its direct oversight, if requested by the Board of Selectmen, the School Committee, the Public Buildings Director or the project sponsor.  The PMBC may provide technical advice on the feasibility, cost and schedule of projects under consideration by the Town, if requested.

In executing its responsibilities on municipal or school building projects assigned to it, the PMBC may be increased by two (2) members chosen based on interest and expertise related to the program and use of the public building project appointed by:

The Board of Selectmen for a municipal building project related to a public service under the jurisdiction of the Board of Selectmen, provided that  Selectmen may seek recommendations for appointments from an appointed committee of cognizance before making such appointments;

Jointly by the Board of Selectmen and an elected board of cognizance for municipal building projects; and,

The School Committee, with approval of the Board of Selectmen, for school building projects.

The two additional appointments shall be made for a term ending with the completion of the project as determined by the Board of Selectmen for municipal building projects or the School Committee for school building projects.

The PMBC has developed policies and procedures to support its role. These can be found on the Committee’s website and are important to clarify and support the Committee’s role and responsibilities.

Staff Contacts