Historic District Commission


The Wayland Historic District Commission consists of seven members who are appointed by the Selectmen.  There is the potential of two alternates who may act in place of a permanent commissioner who is absent.  Members include an architect, a realtor, an appointee of the Wayland Historical Society, residents of the districts, and others with an interest in historic preservation.

Historic Districts:

Wayland has two local historic districts: The Wayland Center Historic District at the historic center of town; and the Bow Road Historic District just north of the Town Center.  Each was established by Town Meeting which provided the mechanism to preserve the integrity of these two areas of significant resources associated with Wayland's historical development.


The purpose of the Wayland Historic District Commission is to:

  • Preserve and protect the distinctive characteristics of buildings and places significant in the history of the Town of Wayland; 
  • Encourage design that is compatible with the existing architecture.


In its role of protecting the public interest in Wayland's historic resources, the Wayland Historic District Commission reviews proposals to change exterior architectural elements of properties included in the districts that are within the public view.  These include alterations to existing structures, demolition, additions and new construction within the bounds of the districts.  Changes to structures such as stone walls, fences parking areas, driveways, and walkways are all included.