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The Town of Wayland Building Department is staffed with two full-time Building Inspectors, two part-time Specialized Code Inspectors, and two administrative assistants.  The Wiring Inspector and the Plumbing & Gas Inspector are part-time positions with alternate inspectors covering during their absence. 

The primary responsibility of the Town of Wayland Building Department is to help insure public safety as it is affected by permitted construction.  These responsibilities are carried out through the enforcement of the Massachusetts State Building Code and other applicable state statutes, rules and regulations, or ordinances and by-laws including but not limited to the Code of the Town of Wayland, Town of Wayland Zoning By-Laws, Fuel, Gas and Plumbing Codes, National Electric Code,  Architectural Access Board Regulations.   Building Department staff reviews applications and inspects the projects for which permits have been issued and enforces provisions of the Massachusetts State Building Code.  Please note that the Building Department Policy Book may be reviewed at the Building Department on request.

As mandated by Massachusetts General Laws, the Building Department administers and enforces the following functions:  regulates construction, reconstruction, alteration, repair, demolition, removal, inspection, issuance, and revocation of permits or licenses, installation of equipment, classification, and definition of any building or structure, use and occupancy of all building and structures or parts thereof;  rehabilitation and maintenance of existing buildings; the standards or requirements for materials to be used in connection therewith, including but not limited to, provisions for safety, ingress and egress, energy conservation and sanitary conditions; interprets and enforces the Town of Wayland Zoning By-law; and certain provisions of the Town By-laws;  Administrative liaison to the Zoning Board of Appeals, periodically inspects and certifies building and structures or parts thereof with regard to use as required by the Massachusetts State Building Code and is the Administrator and keeper of all records, plans, etc. that pertain to the above functions.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Geoffrey S. Larsen Building Commissioner (508) 358-3600
Nathan Maltinsky Building/Local Building Inspector (508) 358-3638
April Leshore Department Assistant (508) 358-3615
Julie Pratt Department Assistant (508) 358-3601
Steve Bottazzi Building/Plumbing & Gas Inspector (508) 358-3604
Town Inspector Electrical Inspector (508) 358-3605