Tax Information

Tax Bills:

Real Estate Tax and Personal Property Tax bills are mailed quarterly and payable within 30 days.  The fiscal year runs from July 1st to June 30th.  If the due date falls on a weekend or holiday, the payment is due on the next business day.

Payment must be received at the Collector’s Office at the close of business on the due date, postmark is not accepted.  If a payment is late, interest is calculated at 14%.  After May 1st, a $15.00 demand fee is also added.

If you would like a receipt, please come to the Collector's window at the Town Building, 41 Cochituate Road, or send us a self-addressed stamped envelope.

Payment Dates:

Quarter PaymentDate DueDates Covered
1st PaymentAugust 1stCovers July - September
2nd PaymentNovember 1stCovers October - Dececember
3rd PaymentFebruary 1stCovers January - March
4th PaymentMay 1stCovers April - June

Online Payments:

This service is available only for payments made by the due date.  To find your bill, please access the Wayland's Online ePayment System here.

ACH Debit Transfer/Credit Card Charge:

For payment by ACH debit transfer, or for payment by credit card, please logon to Wayland's Online ePayment System and follow the instructions.  There is a 2.95% fee to use a credit card, and no charge for debiting a bank account.  A credit card payment may also be made at the counter of the Treasurer/Collector's Office.

Bank Request for Online Payment:

A request to your bank to make an “online” tax payment actually results in a check being mailed to us.  Be aware that it may take up to ten business days for us to receive the check from your bank.  Please clearly indicate in the memo field what bill you are paying since we will not have a copy of the bill.

Mortgage Company Payment:

If a mortgage company pays your taxes you must mail your tax bill to them, unless they have notified you otherwise.  We mail the bill to the home owner only.

Payment by Check:

Payment by check should be mailed in the pre-addressed envelope that is enclosed with your bill, along with the top remittance portion of the bill.  Please do not use old envelopes.  The lockbox address below is for real estate, personal property & motor vehicle excise tax bills:

Town of Wayland Tax
PO Box 655
Medford, MA 02155

If you are not enclosing a copy of your bill, it is best to mail the check to the address below.  Payments may also be left 24 hours a day in the drop box inside the front door of the Town Building.

Tax Collector
41 Cochituate Road
Wayland, MA 01778

Please do not send correspondence with your payment.  Payments go directly to our bank for processing.  Send all communications under separate cover to the Tax Collector's Office/Town Building, 41 Cochituate Road, Wayland, MA 01778.  Or, you may send an email to someone in the office or, a fax may be sent to: (508) 358-4175.

Change Mailing Address:

New owners should be aware that their names may not be on the current bill.  Massachusetts General Law requires that property be assessed to the owner of record as of January 1st of the year preceding the fiscal year. (e.g. January 2015 for Fiscal Year 2016).  If you need to change your mailing address, please contact the Board of Assessor's Office at (508) 358-3788.

Assessor's Office Forms:

Forms available at the Assessor's Office include: Blind, Elderly, and Veterans Exemptions, Deferral of Taxes, Circuit Breaker, and Community Preservation Act Abatements.  Contact the Assessor's Office for more information at (508) 358-3788.

Real Estate Tax Calculation:

The new actual tax rate is set January 1st by the Assessor's Office, the Accounting Office, and approved by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts.  The remaining two quarterly payments reflect the new tax rate, plus liens, betterments, and abatements previously approved.  Contact the Assessor's Office with questions regarding assessment/valuation at (508) 358-3788.

Bills for the first and second quarter are calculated as follows:

  1. The total bill for the previous fiscal year including abatements and liens;
  2. An amount to cover all overrides approved at the Town Meeting;
  3. Divide by 4 for the first quarter amount.

Tax Rates for Real Estate:

Fiscal YearPayment
FY 2017$18.14
FY 2016$17.34
FY 2015$18.39
FY 2014$18.33
FY 2013$17.89
FY 2012$19.01
FY 2011$19.35
FY 2010$17.78
FY 2009$16.37
FY 2008$14.98
FY 2007$13.82
FY 2006$12.54
FY 2005$12.58
FY 2004$13.13