Important notice related to the Current Declared Emergency


Sudbury Valley Trust     Wayland SealSpecial Trail Policies in Place

The Town of Wayland and SVT maintain these trails for public use:

  • Please comply with state and federal orders regarding public activities.
  • Please use social distancing as recommended by government health agencies.

Our success relies on our guests’ compliance with these policies.


  • Leash your dog. Our trails are receiving heavier-than-usual traffic. Unleashed dogs can cause close social interactions.

All Trail Users

  • Do not touch or use benches, map boxes, kiosks, or other structures.
  • Practice recommended social distancing on the trails:
    • Step aside so others can pass while keeping distance.
    • At bridges/boardwalks: Wait if someone is coming the other way.

Parking:  Park in designated areas; do not park along road.

  •  If parking lot is full, consider moving on to a different property.

Maps:  Do not touch the map boxes at the kiosks.


  • Scan the QR code at the kiosk to access the trail map; or go to
  • Take a photo of the large map at the kiosk to use as a trail map.
  • Use an online app such as to follow the trail.



Staff are working reduced hours during this declared emergency. Completed regulatory applications and associated fees can be mailed to the conservation department at the address below, however, please be advised that no public hearings are currently being scheduled.

Requests for site visits, tree removal, permitting assistance or reports of concerns related to wetland violations or land management can be emailed to or leave a message at 508-358-3669. Staff will make every effort to respond in a timely manner.

For circumstances that require immediate attention, please call the Selectman’s office: 508-358-7701.

About Us:

The Conservation Department works closely with the 7-member volunteer Conservation Commission who are appointed to staggered terms by the Board of Selectmen and charged with ensuring the long-term protection of the Town’s natural resources, agricultural & habitat fields and trails.

In addition to providing support for the Conservation Commission, the Conservation Department provides general guidance to individuals and/or their representatives in obtaining state and town permits from the Conservation Commission for work within a 100 feet or 200 feet distance of any Resource Area(s). 

The Department is also responsible for oversight and management of lands under the control of the Conservation Commission.

2020 Seasonal Field Crew

The Wayland Conservation Department is seeking qualified individuals to join the Conservation Department Field Crew for the 2020 field season. Employees will perform and assist with a variety of duties in connection with conservation land management and maintenance work including, but not limited to, mowing of conservation properties, habitat restoration, invasive vegetation removal, trail maintenance, and other related duties as required.

For more information and to apply, please contact the Conservation Department at

American Woodcock Walk:

Saturday April 11th 2020

6:30pm – Sundown

(Rain date Sunday April 12th)

Cow Common Conservation Area

64 Old Sudbury Road

Wayland, MA 01778

Please join Brian Harris, Wayland Conservation Department Land Manager, on Saturday April 11th, 2020 for an American Woodcock Walk at Cow Common Conservation Area in Wayland, MA. Please meet in the parking lot of Cow Common Conservation Area, located at 64 Old Sudbury Road across from the North Cemetery at 6:30pm. Rain date for this event will be Sunday April 12th, 2020 at 6:30pm.

Brian will lead a guided tour of the property to observe American Woodcocks, also known as the Timberdoodle, during their courtship rituals. Male American Woodcocks perform very conspicuous mating displays, giving a buzzy peent call, then launching into the air. Their erratic display flight includes a distinctive, twittering flight sound that concludes with a steep dive back to the ground. Cow Common and other conservation properties in Wayland are some of the best locations in the state to witness the unique courtship rituals of these birds.   

If attending the walk, please be prepared to walk up to a mile depending on where the birds are located on the property. Additionally, please wear appropriate footwear, as the trails around Cow Common are typically wet during the spring. For more information on the walk, please contact the Conservation Department at or by phone at 508-358-3669.   

Heard Farm Management Plan Draft:

Cow Common Management Plan:

Wayland Conservation Department is planning to remove approximately 65 trees and numerous shrubs from a 1.2 acre hedge at Cow Common Conservation Area. This land clearing activity was recommended by the Massachusetts Audubon Society in their Cow Common Management Plan to improve wildlife habitat. In addition to the tree removal, the Conservation Department is actively cutting and burning brush from this hedge. All burning will be done in accordance with local open burn regulations. The brush removal is currently ongoing and the tree removal is planned for February, weather permitting.

The removal of trees and shrubs from this hedge will help enhance and expand the existing grassland habitat, increasing the area’s potential of hosting grassland bird species, such as the bobolink. When combined with other land management practices, such as delayed field mowing, invasive vegetation removal, field reseeding, and public outreach, the Conservation Commission hopes to provide a stable nesting habitat for bobolinks and other threatened bird species within the region.

For more information on bobolinks, the Cow Common Management Plan, and the scope and nature of the proposed work at Cow Common, please visit or contact the Wayland Conservation Department.  

Chapter 193  Draft Regulations: 

Volunteer Opportunities

The Wayland Conservation Department will be hosting monthly volunteer work days to help manage invasive vegetation on conservation property. Volunteers will learn how to identify various invasive plant species and common management practices that they could use on their own properties.

Volunteer work days will be held once a month at various conservation properties throughout Wayland. If you are interested in volunteering, please contact the Conservation Department at for more information.

Volunteer Work Days 2020: Saturday 10:00am – 11:30am

  • Cancelled - March 21st
  • April 18th
  • May 16th
  • June 20th
  • July 18th
  • August 15th
  • September 19th
  • October 17th
  • November 21st


Staff Contacts

Name Title
Linda Hansen Conservation Administrator
Ryan Brown Department Assistant
Brian Harris Land Manager