Medical Taxi Voucher Program


  • All Wayland seniors (60+ years of age) and disabled people of any age. 


  • The Medical Taxi Voucher program provides for a discounted taxi ride for medical appointments and medically related activities at the Council on Aging.  By using pre-purchased vouchers you end up paying for your taxi fare at a 40% discount.  These vouchers may only be used with our contracted vendor, JFK Transportation, (508) 653-4500.


  • Taxis are available 7 days a week from 6:30 am to 10:00 pm.


  • Wherever you need to go for your medical appointment.  (Multiple vouchers may be used on a trip. Taxi rides to Boston hospital are fixed rate - $70 in meter time each way - using medical taxi voucher tickets brings your cost down to $42 each way).


  • Pay $15 for a book of vouchers worth $25 in meter time.  Depending on the distance you are traveling you may need to purchase multiple books to cover your total fare.  For Boston Only: A one way taxi voucher for Boston trips may be purchased for $42.  This will cover the JFK flat rate fare of $70 for one way to Boston.  You will need to purchase 2 Boston tickets for a round trip.


  • To purchase tickets you may come to the COA to pick them up, or mail a check and include a note regarding what you are ordering.  Upon receipt of your request, we will mail the boolet (s) to you.


  • This is a personalized service and a driver gratuity is expected.