Guidance on Permitted Activities

It’s critical that we continue social distancing, and that means limiting contact with people outside your household as much as possible. That includes gatherings with friends and family as well as avoiding places like the gym and playgrounds.

Social Distancing Guidance

Updated Guidance on Outdoor Activities & Social Distancing

Folks who are comfortable going outdoors (and who have not been instructed to quarantine), can stay active by walking, running, hiking or biking on local trails, while practicing social distancing recommendations from the CDC. There are also many resources online for exercising at home. 

    Rail Trail, Recreation, Conservation and Sudbury Valley Trustees Trails 

    • Please refer to Social Distancing Guidelines on Trails. Press Release 03/25/2020
    • Do not touch or use benches, map boxes, kiosks, or other structures. Take a photo or scan the QR code at the kiosk to access the trail map.
    • Announce yourself if you will pass another person.
    • Everyone must leash dogs on trails.

    Playgrounds, parks, courts, and fields are closed until further notice

    • Limit outdoor exercise to contact-free activities like riding bikes, running or going for walks.
    • No playdates, group gatherings, basketball or activities where social distancing is not possible.
    • Press Release. 03/16/2020
    • Follow the Wayland Recreation on Facebook at @waylandrec for updates and activities.

    Lake Cochituate at Town Beach & Mansion Beach at Dudley Pond

    Control Pets in Public Areas

    • All pet owners must be responsible when walking and exercising pets in public areas.
    • As many residents are now using our trails and reservations, we all need to be considerate.
    • Keep proper distance from one another, and prevent pets from getting too close to others.
    • Everyone must keep pets on leashes.

     Wayland Public Library  

    • Starting June 1 Library will be offering Curbside Pickup. Details here
    • Refer to the Library website for many remote library services that are available while the Library is closed.
    • Follow the Wayland Library on Facebook at @waylandlibrary for updates and activities.
    Social Distancing