Board of Selectmen

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Mission Statement:

The Wayland Board of Selectmen has broad authority over matters not delegated by statute or bylaw to another town government entity.  The Board of Selectmen, through the Town Administrator, is responsible for operations of several departments and activities, including building, facilities management, police, fire, finance, treasurer, legal matters, disposition of real property, human resources, and collective bargaining matters, and is advised by appointed committees on wastewater treatment, senior programs, youth services, and conservation matters.  Selectmen generally do not have authority over policy and services directed by elected boards with statutory duties and responsibilities such as schools, assessment, and library.  Public works functions, including roads, water, parks, cemeteries and solid waste disposal, and recreation services are administered through the Town Administrator, with policy and rate-setting authority vested in elected boards.


The Board of Selectmen holds regular meetings, generally on Monday evenings at 7:00 pm (excluding holidays) in the Selectmen's Meeting Room on the first floor of Town Building.  Residents may express concerns on matters within the jurisdiction of the selectmen at public comment at the beginning of each meeting.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Louise Miller, Town Administrator Town Administrator (508) 358-3620
Teri Hegarty Executive Assistant (508) 358-3621