Historic Cemeteries

North cemetery Wayland

The Town of Wayland maintains three historic cemeteries:

  • North Cemetery (1643) 
  • South Cemetery (1835)
  • Lakeview Cemetery (c. 1821, and formally est. 1871). 

The cemeteries contain a variety of unique historically and culturally significant headstones providing a visual record of the town from its earliest European settlers through the present day. 

Gravestone Conservation and Preservation Management 

The preservation of historic grave markers began in 2003 when the Town hired experts, using CPA funds, to conserve the stones in the South Cemetery and the Old Section of the North Cemetery.  In the summer of 2015, the Town of Wayland hired a Cultural Resource Consultant to prepare a Preservation Management Plan for the North Cemetery.  In 2017, again using CPA funds, the Town hired experts to conserve the grave markers of the Stoney Section of the North Cemetery and a handful of stones in the South Cemetery. Links to documentation of much of this work can be found below. 

Currently, the Commission is working with the Department of Public Works, which maintains the cemeteries, and the Board of Public Works to follow up on many of the Preservation Management Plan’s recommendations for maintaining the landscape, hardscapes, plot fences and surrounding walls of the cemeteries. The Commission will also look into improving pedestrian and vehicular access, signage and security.

For detailed descriptions of preservation plans and maintenance work in the North and South Cemeteries, click on the links below. 

Preservation Management Plan, North Cemetery, June 2015
North Cemetery Monument Treatment Proposal, December 2014
North Cemetery Condition Assessements and Conservation Recommendations, April 2017
Archaeological Monitoring of the Proposed Driveway and Stormwater Management System, North Cemetery, August 2018 

North Cemetery Gravestone Maintenance, 2003 - 2006:

South Cemetery Gravestone Maintenance, 2003 - 2006: