Tree Removal

Tree Importance
Benefits of Trees

Tree Removal Administrative Approval Application

Property owners often approach the Commission for approval to remove trees in a Wetland Resource Area or Buffer Zones on their lot because they either pose a safety threat, or interfere substantially with the landowner’s use of property. 

The Commission has jurisdiction over the following areas (Jurisdictional Areas):

  • Wetland Resource Areas, defined as 100-year flood zones, wetlands, streams, ponds, and marshes
  • Riverfront Areas (land within 200 feet of a perennial stream)
  • Buffer Zones - Land within 100 feet of a Wetland Resource Area. A strict standard of review applies to the area within 30-feet of a Wetland Resource Area (the No Disturb Zone, or NDZ).

Landowners must obtain prior permission from the Commission before work of any kind (e.g., tree or brush removal or trimming, vegetation removal or cutting, lawn expansion, soil grading, and construction) is conducted in a Jurisdictional Area. Wetland Resource Areas and Riverfront Areas may sometimes appear to be dry and thus difficult to identify, so all landowners are encouraged to contact the Conservation Office at 508-358-3669 to discuss any proposed work. 

Application Process

Landowners should review the permit and process for removal of trees, which may fall under our Stormwater and Land Disturbance Bylaw, Chapter 193, or local Bylaw, Chapter 194.