Spring Field Status Update

Update 9: May 3, 2024

Friday, May 3, 2024

If fields have puddles on them, please don't play!  Once the Town opens a field for the season, field playability is at the discretion of every permit holder to determine if a field is playable. Check with your league/coach before playing.

If you step on a field, and it leaves a footprint, or makes any noise, it's too wet - do not use. Please see the playability guidelines below.
It is the responsibility of all permit holders, players, coaches and users to use the fields properly. Coaches - move your practices out of the goal mouths!


Type of ActivityStatus
Alpine FieldSoccer 11v11, 9v9OPEN
Art King BaseballYouth Baseball 60'OPEN
Claypit Hill BaseballYouth Baseball/SoftballOPEN
Claypit Hill SoccerYouth Soccer/Lax 7v7, 9v9OPEN
Cochituate Ball FieldsSoftball 50/60/70, lightsOPEN* Player benches/dugout areas are under construction. Permit Holders must ensure that players and coaches who would normally be on a bench behind a chain-link fence should continue to congregate in areas behind a chain-link fence, either behind the newly installed fences, behind the backstop, or a clear distance away from the batters area, such as the spectator bleachers. Please also ensure that your group does not disturb the work areas.
Eric Schwartz (Riverview Ave)Youth Baseball 50/70OPEN
Happy Hollow FieldsVariousOPEN  Practice Only.
Loker Field - Commonwealth RdSoccer 11v11, 9v9, Lacrosse, lightsOPEN
Loker School FieldsVariousOPEN Practice Only.
Middle School BaseballBaseball 90'OPEN
Middle School SoftballSoftball 60'OPEN
Middle School Soccer/LAX (Back)Soccer / Lacrosse 11v11, Micro FieldsOPEN
Middle School Soccer/LAX (Front)Youth Soccer / LacrosseOPEN
Oxbow MeadowsSoccer 11v11, 9v9OPEN
Town Building Soccer FieldSoccer 11v11OPEN
WHS Varsity Baseball Field (Right)Baseball 90'OPEN
WHS JV Baseball Field (Left)Baseball 90'OPEN
WHS Varsity SoftballSoftball 60'OPEN
WHS Bennett Field (the Rock)Soccer/Lacrosse 11v11OPEN
WHS Field Hockey Field / LAXField Hockey / LAX

OPEN  Not Lined.

WHS JV Football / LAX FieldFootball / LacrosseCLOSED  STANDING WATER
WHS WetlandsSoccer 11v11, 9v9OPEN Girls LAX
WHS Tennis Courts (6)
WHS Pickle Ball Courts (6)
Lights from sunset to 10:00 pm April 1 to November 30OPEN
WHS Basketball Courts (2)Lights from sunset to 10:00 pm April 1 to November 30OPEN 
WHS Stadium TurfSoccer, Football, Boys Lax, Girls Lax, Field Hockey, Track & FieldOPEN


DATES / SEASONAL CLOSURE All outdoor facilities are closed from late November to late March / mid-April; exact dates to be determined seasonally by Department of Public Works. Fields decisions will be made on a field-by-field basis and listed as OPEN or CLOSED on this site.

FIELD PLAYABILITY While the DPW has exclusive rights and authority in determining whether fields are open or closed ALL USERS have a responsibility of discerning if a field is playable regardless of a current weather condition by the guidelines below:

Any and all use should not commence, or continue on a field if any of the following are true:

  • If the field has been closed by the DPW; DPW maintains authority to close a field at any time for any reason.
  • If the field has standing water on it
  • If the field is saturated with water (will not dry or de-puddle by game time)
  • If more than 0.5 inches of rain/snow is/has fallen in the last 24 hours
  • If by playing on the field, the players are, or would be, damaging the field beyond normal wear and tear
  • i.e. Footing in insecure or slippery, creates muddy areas, ground clings or cakes to shoes & cleats etc.
  • If you can hear your footsteps, or if footsteps leave an impression, or cause water to rise to the surface
  • If, once a game begins, the referee, umpire, or league official is responsible for the decision to suspend a game due to the above or other conditions
  • Lightning occurs within 30 minutes of play
  • If surfaces are icy or frozen
  • Unsafe facility conditions- dry surfaces, glass, exposed stones and rocks, etc.
  • Softball and Baseball fields are often playable even with standing water on the infield. Do not sweep or rake puddles. As long as a field does not pose a hazard to the players it can be used. See criteria for grass above.